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Im renting a home is bathroom not working an emergency?

Empire Industries - Thursday, July 20, 2017

Hey, this is Steve Rozenberg. I am the owner & co-founder of Empire Industries Property Management and Realty Services.

Today we going to talk when a lot of times people rent a property and there is a issue with the bathroom. Now, a lot of time people would ask if it is an emergency with of course having a bathroom not working is a mayor inconvenience but the only time is actually considered an emergency is if there is only one bathroom in the house. If there is more than one bathroom as long as the toilet is not overflowing and pouring so much in to the house is actually not considered an emergency, so well its something that obviously a property management company or owner wants to get fixed as quick as possible is not necessary an emergency issue if there is more than one bathroom, because obviously you can use another bathroom, it may be an inconvenience but you could use it.

So just remember before you contact whomever with an emergency service repair item, If there are two bathrooms is not considered an emergency & again hopefully they get it fixed as quick as possible to not inconvenient you but just remember that it is not considered an emergency but it definitely is a high priority issue. Hopefully this helps, this is Steve Rozenberg with Empire Property Management. Thank you.

Empire Expanding to Dallas - Ft.Worth

Empire Industries - Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hey, this is Steve Rozenberg. I am the owner & co-founder of Empire Industries Property Management and Realty Services.

Today we are so exited to be announcing that we are expanding in to the Dallas Ft. Worth area, we got so many of our own investor clients ask us if we would start managing properties up there because the market is so good as far landlords go , so we are expanding we are opening five locations up in the greater Dallas Ft. Worth area, we are going to be expanding, we think is a great market, you got a lot of businesses going into there, you’ve got Boeing Plant going into there you got Toyota you got a lot of headquarters happening going on there, so we going to be in places like Plano, we are going to be in Frisco, we’re going to be in Dallas we’re opening offices in Ft. Worth and South Lake. So we’re opening FIVE offices in the Dallas Ft. Worth area; we are going to have a full staff of property managers, leasing agents, vendors, we are going to have everything that we have down here in Houston to provide the same professional service that we are providing here in Houston for our Dallas clients.

So be on the lookout we are going to be sponsoring at events we are going to be marketing, probably have another radio show up there, lot of things happening to the Dallas market, we are so exited to be up there, can’t wait to talk to you, to get some business going for all of the investors and to start working with some of the local realtors up there, is going to be really exiting can’t wait to be up there. Thank you.

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Empire Industries - Monday, June 19, 2017

How can I tell if a tenant has vacated my rental home?

Empire Industries - Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Hey everyone, this is Steve Rozenberg with Empire Industries Property Management and Realty Services.

Today I’d like to talk…a lot of investors want to know how do they deal when they have an eviction going on, they think the tenant has left. How do they really know the tenant is gone?

Well, you know, you may drive by the house. You kind of look in the windows, see stuff, did they leave it? Is it really vacant? What’s the situation? And what I have been told and advised to do by our attorney, what I would recommend to you to do, is go through the legal process. You never really know if the property has been abandoned or not. And you have to remember, the tenant can always come back and say I didn’t leave the house, I still had stuff in there.

So, my recommendation for you is, if you have a tenant that’s not paying, have policies and procedures. File the eviction on the tenant. Go through the legal process. After you get awarded possession of the premises, we recommend always do, here in Texas we have what’s called a writ of possession. It may be called something different in your location. But get legal possession of the premises back. We get a writ of possession to our constable comes by, and actually says there’s nothing of value in this property.

So when they do that, we can take any trash out of the property, so that the tenant does not come back and say, oh I didn’t leave the property; I was just on vacation and I had $10,000 in jewelry there that’s gone now. Now it’s your word against theirs. They call that the Rolex role. They always seem to have a lot of expensive jewelry when they can’t pay the rent. But nevertheless if you do not have legal possession of the premises back and you cannot verify that the house was abandoned, you could be putting yourself into some serious litigious situations now that you are defending whether or not the house was legally abandoned. You may wanna check. See if the power is turned off. See if the water is turned off. Those are other indications. I would be very weary of going into a tenant’s property when you think they’re gone and you’re not sure. If the tenant says they left, I would recommend get it in writing so that you have proof that says they left, maybe in an email or in a letter. But don’t just take their word over the mail that says over or over the phone that says that they left because that could get you in trouble.

Hopefully this helps. This is Steve Rozenberg with Empire Industries Property Management and this is how you can tell whether a tenant is or is not vacated your rental property. thank you.

How tenants can apply for an Empire rental property

Empire Industries - Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Hey everyone, this is Steve Rozenberg with Empire Industries Property Management and Realty Services.

First of all, I’d like to thank you for wanting to apply for one of our rental properties. As you know, when you want to apply at a rental property, there’s always a lot of information you’re not really sure of what you should and should not have.

What I recommend is make sure you go through our qualifications. First of all, make sure that you fit the qualifications of a property that we wanna rent. Then I recommend that you get all of the documentation correct and you make sure that you submit it all in a timely manner because most applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis once they have a completed packet.

So, whenever you’re renting, whether it’s from our properties or it’s anyone’s properties, always make sure that you do your homework first. Get all of your paperwork, W2s and paycheck stubs, whatever may be asked of you. Make sure that you have all that prior to submitting the application because you’re gonna be asked for those things and that will just help expedite your application being approved.

So, again, check the application qualifications. Make sure that you fit the qualifications as far as income, verification and those kinds of things; and then, if that works, then obviously go online and submit the application, and it should not take very long as long as you have everything submitted, because normally the application will not start being processed until you have a completed packet, which means all the documentation that’s required.

If you have any other questions, you can go to our website: You can find more information there. Thank you very much.

Should I hire a real estate agent or do it myself?

Empire Industries - Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Hey everyone, this is Steve Rozenberg with Empire Industries Property Management. And today we’re gonna talk about: should I use a realtor or should I do it myself?

As an investor myself, I understand that everything is all about numbers, and it’s about cash flow. And sometimes I have investors that tell me, hey if I use a realtor, that just cuts too deeply into my cash flow; and I go from making money to losing money. And I would say, first of all, that’s a perception; that may not be a reality, because what a lot of investors do not factor in is the word: leverage. And leverage is the fact that you are using someone else to do work for you and your time.

So the first thing you need to ask yourself is how valuable is your time and what can you better use with your time? I can tell you personally, when I first started off, I did not use a realtor and I thought that I was saving money by doing the work myself, running around, putting signs out, taking applications, trying to screen tenants on my best guess; and the reality was is I ended up putting not good tenants in; being stood up many many times at the property because they didn’t show up and getting very frustrated and saying real estate is not what I thought it would be.

The challenge was I was doing it as a single person not as a team concept; and when you own a piece of real estate, you own a business; and when you own a business, there’s multiple players, and a very vital person to that player is a realtor. The realtor is the one that is a leverage. You’re using them as leverage. They’re the ones screening the tenants, they’re taking the calls, they are opening up the door, then they are vetting the tenant to make sure that they fit the qualifications, and they are not emotionally attached.

One of the things you have to remember is sometimes when you are wanting to lease a property, you may make a decision based on the fact that the house had been vacant too long, and maybe you’ll bend those rules a little bit. What you have to remember is when you bend those rules a little bit, you may be construed as discriminating because if you denied somebody earlier for the same qualifications that you’re now accepting, you may be into a fair housing potential problem, because by turning someone down and accepting someone else can be construed as discrimination.

And you wanna make sure that you are valuing your time, so whether you could be working at your career, you could be spending time with the family, you could be looking at buying other properties, there’s probably something more valuable with your time than running around doing these tasks, and maybe not even doing them correctly. So when you’re doing these kind of things and you’re doing real estate, remember it is a team sport. Having a realtor will actually make you money because you have to factor in what is your cost of your time, which many people do not do. And the fact that maybe they will put a better tenant in, they will be able to go out through the MLS, multiple listing service or other things, be able to get a larger net, be able to get more people to call, to get a better tenant which will, in turn, help you get your money quicker, to make your property run like a profitable business.

If you’d like to know more, go to our website:, or if you’d like to give us a call, please do and we’d be glad to help you out. We can have one of our agents help you find a property as well. Thank you very much.

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